The Next Generation of Vaccines

NanoBio® Protect is an over-the-counter alcohol-free nasal antiseptic swab that can be used to help reduce germs on skin that could cause infections, including respiratory infection. The product is applied by thoroughly swabbing the skin inside of each nostril. The effectiveness of NanoBio Protect is derived from BlueWillow’s patented nanotechnology platform that enables long-lasting effectiveness to disrupt germs residing on the skin’s surface.

BlueWillow Biologics® is a clinical-stage, privately-held biopharmaceutical company. We’re focused on developing and commercializing prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines using our patented  NanoVax® platform. The NanoVax platform employs a novel oil-in-water nanoemulsion adjuvant that is effective when administered intranasally, intramuscularly and topically, and can elicit both mucosal and systemic immunity creating “bouncers at the door” to keep infections out and direct the immune system to respond properly to pathogens or allergens.  Studies point to increased protection against some of the world’s most challenging respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases, and most concerning food allergens.


CEO Podcast: Spotlight on BlueWillow’s Vaccines

BlueWillow CEO David PeraltaMichBio interviews  BlueWillow Biologics CEO Dave Peralta on the use of intranasal vaccine in fighting respiratory and sexually transmitted infections. The podcast is also available on SoundCloud.

Vaccine Pipeline

BlueWillow’s intranasal vaccine technology has demonstrated safety and immunogenicity in Phase 1 clinical studies for seasonal influenza. Several other programs have advanced through successful challenge studies in primary animal models. Choose a pathogen and click for details on our research results and partnering information.

chart showing BlueWillow's vaccine pipeline